Canvas assignments to Notion Database

This will take all Canvas assigments for a course and put them in a Notion database, with due date. This can be formatted into a calendar or Kanban view.

You have not authenticated with Notion, or your previous authentication may have expired. Please click the button below to reauthorize, then continue with the rest of the steps.
Add to Notion
  1. Paste your course's link here: and press . Don't worry, this step happens entirely in your browser and it's so that we can parse your Canvas domain and course ID.

  2. Parsed Canvas domain: [None yet]
    Parsed course ID: [None yet]

  3. Go to Canvas settings, scroll down, and click '+ New Access Token'.
    You can call this token something meaningful or just enter a random value. The expiry date is the time that our servers will be restricted from accessing your account.
    If you want to use this tool a lot, you can set it to a long time in the future. Or, for added security and if you just want to use this tool once, you can set it to ~10 minutes in the future.
    Our source code is open source and easy to self-host if you prefer.

    If your Canvas admin has disabled the generation of access tokens, you will not see the '+ New Access Token' option and you will not be able to use this tool. Sorry!

  4. You will be shown an access token. Paste this token here: ()

  5. Go to this Notion table and duplicate it to your own workspace.

  6. You can edit everything about the duplicated table to your liking except the already-added columns (feel free to add more).

  7. Share the duplicated table with the integration 'Edutools for Notion' by pressing the 'Add people, emails, groups or integrations' box and typing 'Edutools for Notion' in the popup.

  8. While you're in the 'Share' panel, copy the link to the table and paste it here: (you don't have to enable link sharing). You can also just copy the link from the browser window.
If you've followed all the steps, you are now ready to start the duplication of Canvas assignments to your Notion table.